Mum searching for man she claims hit her son with a dog lead after calling him a ‘moron’

The attack left her boy with angry welts.

A woman is searching for the man she says hit her son with a dog lead after calling him a moron in a park in Figtree, New South Wales.


The mum, Kristina Judge, described the attack in a viral Facebook post.

Apparently her son was cycling on a shared path when he accidentally collided with a dog. The dog’s owner then apparently called the boy a ‘moron’ and hit him with the metal end of the leash before chasing the dog.Speaking to the Illawarra Mercury, Ms Judge said: ‘I crossed paths with him as he was chasing his dog to put the lead back on.’

‘I got to my son; he was beside himself. He said, ‘that man’s just hit me on the back. 

‘I lifted up his shirt and saw the mark and called to my partner, ‘that man has hit him! Go and find him! But he had bolted.’

Ms Judge says she cannot believe an adult would think it’s okay to do this to a child. Moreover, her son has difficulty with co-ordination and may have found it difficult to stop.

‘He’s on the autism spectrum – very high functioning – but he has a motor planning delay, so he doesn’t have fantastic coordination,’ Ms Judge explains.

The attack left her boy with painful welts on his back.

‘He has not been able to sleep on his back or comfortably sit in his chair at school all week,’ read the Facebook post.

Police Inspector Mark Wallace is welcoming any information that could help identify the man.

“It’s just not acceptable. We can’t have mature adults assaulting children under the age of 10, over what appears to be an accident.” 

If you know anything that may help police please contact Contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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