Mum’s horrifying discovery after turning her back in a supermarket

She only looked away for a few seconds

A mother out shopping at a supermarket was horrified to find a sinister object stuck to her trolley.

Mum-of-three Faith Ferels was grocery shopping at a Walmart store in Coral Springs, Florida, when she turned her back for a moment.

After returning to her trolley, the woman almost sliced her hand open on a sharp razor she claims was found tucked beneath the handle.

‘Razor on my cart at Walmart. Someone must’ve put it here when I was getting things,’ she wrote in a post on Facebook.

‘Wasn’t here when I first got the cart!!! I’m livid!!!’

Fortunately, Ms Ferels said she noticed the razor before it slashed her skin.

Speaking with ABC10, the outraged mother said it was lucky her youngest child wasn’t sitting in the trolley at the time.

It is not the first time a stray razor has been found hidden in a Walmart store.

In July, a woman discovered two blades wedged inside children’s shoes at a store in California.

In a similar incident, a shopper in Connecticut also found a razor stuck to the handle of a shopping trolley at a Walmart.

A Walmart spokesperson confirmed to ABC10 they were investigating the incident.

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