Woman shares powerful message for mums-to-be fearing childbirth

There's a good reason it's gone viral.

When it comes to childbirth stories, it’s often the terrifying and traumatic stories that get stuck in our heads. But popular Australian blogger, Laura Mazza, has penned a powerful letter to all expectant mothers in a bid to change that.

‘Don’t fear birth,’ the 31-year-old wrote in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.

‘I know the horror stories scare you. I know if you are like I was, you might even fear that you won’t come out of it alive. Labour is a scary word. It’s hard work, there’s a reason it’s called labour.’

‘It’s normal to fear birth, it’s normal to worry about you and your baby.’

The mum-of-two, who is currently expecting her third, revealed that she believed she’d “failed” during her first delivery because she found it so difficult.

‘I listened to thousands of women tell me ‘but women have been doing it for years’ and I believed I failed, because it wasn’t easy. But I didn’t fail. I just forgot my power. So I took it back, and I came back ready and stronger. I used my power. You have that power too.’

She’s urging all pregnant women out there to take what little control they have when it comes to giving birth and choose what’s best for them.

‘If you want to go with a 5 page birth plan because anxiety is getting to you. Do it. If you want to take pain relief. Do it. If you want to feel every bit of it because you can, do it. If trauma has hurt you, and you want a cesarean. Do it.’

And if it doesn’t go to plan? Laura reminds us that that’s ok too. There’s no right or wrong way to bring your baby into the world.

‘You didn’t fail, you did what’s best to get your baby here safely, and what a selfless sacrifice that is. It’s you, showing the love you have for your baby. Never beat yourself up for that. Never. Feel strong that you’re willing to do anything for your baby.”

What’s wrong, she says, is when mums are judged unfairly because of their choices.

‘Ignore judgements. Ignore people who only speak negatively about things they know nothing about, they don’t know you, your story or your baby. The way you give birth doesn’t change how you love your baby. Nor does it dictate how your baby loves you.’

‘Birth is normal, fear is normal, and you, never underestimate yourself, because you mama, you are powerful.’

Thousands have like and shared the post with many mums praising her message.

‘I’m 6 months pregnant with my first and almost cringe when people talk about birth! I’m so scared but reading this has helped, even if it’s just a little,’ one wrote.

‘I SO needed to read this. My baby is due in 4 weeks and I am terrified of giving birth. Though I try to stay positive with affirmations and meditations it’s not easy trying to tell yourself that everything will be just fine. But reading your post has helped,’ commented another.

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire.

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