Mum induced so her dying hubby can meet their newborn

It was a moment of mixed emotions

In a heartbreaking scene, a mum-of-five has been induced so her dying husband could meet their newborn baby.

Mark Aulger thought he’d beaten the stage three colon cancer that he’d spent eight months being treated for. He and his pregnant wife, Diane Aulger and their four kids even celebrated their ‘best Christmas ever’.

Sadly, on New Year’s Day Mark collapsed  and was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis — a scarring that takes place within the lungs and impedes the flow of oxygen to the brain and other vital organs.

The family were then given the devastating news that Mark only had a week to live and would likely never meet his unborn baby girl.

That’s when brave Diane made the difficult decision to forgo a natural birth and instead was induced a week early.

‘When we induced the labour he was in a bed side by side with me. For me it was a beautiful day – he was there wide awake and alert for the whole day,’ Diane told The Doctors Show.

After Diane gave birth to their bub via c-section, Mark was the first to hold their little girl.

Diane and Paul in hospital. CREDIT: The Doctors

They named their precious girl Savannah and Mark was able to cradle her for 45 minutes.

‘When the nurse cleaned up the baby and gave her to Mark you could see the complete pain in his eyes — he still talked to her and told her that he was her daddy and that he loved her,’ said Diane.

The whole family share a special moment together. CREDIT: The Doctors

The next day, Mark held Savannah for one minute before he slipped into a coma. Heartbreakingly, the dedicated dad passed away two days later.

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