Mum hits back after being shamed for texting with her baby on the floor at airport

The exhausted mother says there is more to the photo than meets the eye

An exhausted mother, who was shamed on social media for texting while her baby was on the floor in an airport terminal, has defended her actions.

The caption that accompanied the viral Facebook post, said ‘Albert Einstein said, ‘I fear the day that technology will take on our humanity… the world will be populated by a generation of idiots’.”

Now, mother of three, Molly Lensing, has said she felt violated by the picture and warned others about reacting to photos on social media without context.

Molly, from Illinois, US, explained that she’d spent 20 hours sitting in airports with her two-month-old daughter, Anastasia, that day and had such sore arms that she placed her child at her feet fearing she might accidentally drop her.

‘We had the unfortunate luck of being stuck in the middle of the Delta computer shut-down,’ Ms Lensing told The Sun.

‘Anastasia had been held or in her carrier for many hours. My arms were tired. She needed to stretch. And I had to communicate with all the family members wondering where the heck we were.’

Molly Lensing with her family
Molly Lensing with her family (Credit: Facebook – Molly Lensing)

Molly, who works as a pediatric nurse, said she received online abuse and was labelled a bad parent, fearing she would be fired.

Despite saying the image still haunts her a year later, she has been able to move on with her life and the photo has no negative effects with her employer.

‘Here’s to all the millennial moms who have been shamed for being normal!’ she wrote on her Facebook page.

The image that caused controversy
The image that caused controversy (Credit: Facebook )

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