Mum shocked to give birth to twins with COMPLETELY different skin colours

This is amazing!

A mother in the US was left stunned after her baby twins were born with polar opposite skin colours.

Sarah Jones, from Oklahoma, was grieving the loss of two babies when she found out she was expecting twins.

After a rough pregnancy, Sarah gave birth at 28 weeks to fraternal twins – who she named Malaysia and Malachi.

They were absolutely tiny, with Malachi weighing a little over 1kg and Malaysia only weighing 879 grams.

This meant that just after birth, the bubs were so tiny doctors could barely tell them apart.

But as they grew, everyone was shocked by how different they actually were.

‘To everybody’s amazement, they were total, polar opposites. No one could believe it,’ Sarah explained to Love What Matters.

‘She was fair skinned with bright blue eyes and blonde hair, and he was dark skinned with brown eyes and black hair.’

According to experts, there is only a one in 500 chance of mixed race parents having fraternal twins with two different races/skin colours.

Sarah says she is always pestered with questions about whether her twins have different fathers.

‘When we’re out in public I’ve gotten questions like, “Are they adopted?” “Are they twins?” “Do they have the same father?”‘ Sarah added.

One person even asked her: ‘Is it weird having a white twin and a black twin?’

The proud mum said Malaysia and Malachi opposites in more ways than one – from their looks to their personalities.

‘They couldn’t be any more different from their hair colour to their skin, eyes, their attitudes and little personalities,’ she said.


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