Mum left furious after her mother gave vegetarian toddler bacon

How mad would you be?

A mother has vented to online parenting forum, Mumsnet, saying her mother fed her vegetarian daughter a quiche with bacon in it.

She wrote, ‘I’ve just realised that my mother gave my daughter (who my husband and I are bringing up as a vegetarian) a bacon quiche.’

The mother went on to explain that she was staying with her parents, her daughter is two-and-a-half years old, and the grandparents were well aware of her dietary requirements but simply chose to ignore them.

‘I’m so annoyed that my mum, knowing my parenting wishes, has gone behind my back. My daughter spends a fair bit of time here and I wonder what else happens when my back is turned,’ the post continued.

If my daughter had chosen to eat meat that’s fine and we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, but it was just put down in front of her so she ate it. Currently my daughter knows some people eat animals but says she doesn’t think that’s kind so as far as it goes that’s my lead that she wants to continue the way she’s been brought up at the moment.’


The woman explained that her parents babysit a lot. Explaining that she does provide food but she watched her mum get the quiche out of the fridge, then shrug and give it to the little girl.

She wrote that the worst part was that her daughter had simply requested beans on toast, ‘so she didn’t even have to give her quiche.’

The mother concludes by asking, ‘Does she do this every time?’

The post was then riddled with mothers giving their own opinion on the matter. 

One user wrote, ‘It’s bacon, not heroin.’ 

While another added, ‘Your mum probably worries about her health. There’s no way a child of that age has the mental capacity to decide whether she should eat meat or not of her own volition.’ 

In the end the post was equally divided with mothers saying that the grandparents was simply trying to help, with others saying the mother needed to ‘lay the law’ with her own parenting rules. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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