Mum furious after ex mother-in-law cuts her daughter’s hair without permission

Would you be furious too?
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One mother has been left furious after her ex-husband took their six-year-old child to his mother’s house and she decided to give the young girl a haircut.

According to the mother, her ex-mother-in-law cut the young girl’s long blonde hair into a ‘shoulder length bob’ and even added a fringe. 

Taking to the parenting forum Mumsnet, the outraged mother explained: ‘On Thursday when mil [mother-in-law] was looking after dd [darling daughter], mil took it upon herself to cut all dd’s hair off. And give her a fringe!’ 

‘It’s gone from being long, blonde, beautiful waves to a shoulder length bob,’ the mother explained. ‘I am beyond angry. I’ve had no explanation from the MIL or ex who both appear to think I am overreacting.’ 

Asking other parents for advice, the mother further explained that her daughter ‘hates it.’ 

Finishing her post the mother wrote, ‘She told me this morning she was in tears as soon as it was done and was told to stop crying as she’s a big girl now. She wore a hat all day in school yesterday apparently as she was so upset.’

Other parents weighed in on the situation. 

‘I would be fuming but nothing I could do. It’s done, the hair will grow back and I would tell them never to do it again,’ one commenter wrote.

Another added, ‘Absolutely crazy.’ 

The general consensus was that the mother-in-law should have asked permission. 

One said, ‘It’s a significant change. At her age, it should be a joint decision between parents. I’d be apoplectic with rage.’

‘Should have asked you first! Can’t believe someone would do that without asking even if DD insisted,’ another added. 

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