Mum feeds family for $80 a week

She says she's Australia's biggest cheapskate!
Cath Armstrong CREDIT: Seven News

An Aussie mum who is a self-confessed cheapskate has explained how she spends just $80 on her weekly shop.

Cath Armstrong, from WA, has been living a thrifty life for the past 20 years after her husband became unemployed while she was pregnant with her third child.

‘It is because of that disaster that I learned how to live life debt free, cashed up and laughing, on almost no income,’ Cath writes on her website Debt Free Cashed Up & Laughing.

In order to live a cheaper life, Cath advises people go back to basic and life more like their parents and grandparents did.

She grows fruit and veg in the back yard, cooks from scratch and limits the amount of junk food she buys.

Cath Armstrong CREDIT: Seven News

Cath also avoids premium branded goods for the basics such as sugar and flour, and instead opts for value or supermarket brands.

‘Let’s face it: sugar is sugar, flour is flour. For these basics, I haven’t noticed a difference in anything but the price. Try it, if you don’t like the product you don’t have to keep on buying it,’ advises thrifty Cath.

The mum-of-three is a big fan of meal planning to ensure she doesn’t overspend and she also makes her own bread.

‘My homemade bread costs around $1.20 a loaf, and is denser and much more filling than what I’ve been buying,’ says Cath.

She believes that with a few changes, Aussie families can go from spending an average of $250 on their weekly shop to just $80.

Cath’s cheapskate tips to save:

– Choose basic or supermarket brands for staples.

– Make a meal plan each week to save on wasted ingredients.

– Cook from scratch.

– Cut down on junk food.

– Dry washing on the line to save energy.

– Only use air-conditioning if it’s over 32 degrees, otherwise use fans.

– Make birthday cards and gifts.

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