Mum criticised over plans to breastfeed until her child is eight

She want to normalise extended breastfeeding.
Sophie Emma Rose

A British mum is trying to normalise extended breastfeeding.

Sharing videos on her YouTube channel, Sophie Emma Rose, 40, who lives in Chiang Mai in Thailand, films herself breastfeeding her four-year-old son and says she will continue to do so for as long he wants.

‘I want other mothers to feel confident about feeding older children,” she says as Shaye feeds.

‘I also want mothers to not feel shame and to feel they could do it wherever they want and have no negative comments or fear.’

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Speaking to Mamamia, Rose said she created videos to show that extended breastfeeding is ‘a normal everyday thing for our family, not something strange or controversial.’

She adds that her milk is ‘almost like a perfectly formed multi vitamin and mineral supplement.’

‘As well as the nutritional value of breast milk, you also let your child know in a very physical way that you are there for them. It’s about the comfort and emotional connection” she explains.

‘I know that breastfeeding does end – children eventually lose the latch and are not physically able to breastfeed past the age of about seven or eight-years-old.

As for the criticism she receives,  Rose says: ‘I deal with the criticism by remembering why I choose to continue feeding Shaye. I know I am in integrity, I’m inline with all the best research and I’m certainly doing my best as a parent.

‘As a recent Mum blogger wrote after reading some awful critical comments, ‘it’s not like I’m feeding him Smack or Gin chasers’!’

Source: New Idea

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