Mum charged $7000 delivery room fee after giving birth in carpark

Her third baby didn't make it to the delivery suite
Paulina Splechta

A mum who gave birth in a hospital carpark was shocked to be charged a $7000 delivery room fee after the birth.

Paula D’Amore was on her way to hospital when her third baby decided to arrive.

She didn’t get inside the doors of the Florida hospital but instead gave birth to her daughter Daniella with the help of her partner  Joe.

She said $7000 was ridiculous since the delivery room only consisted of a couple of sheets being held around her while the baby arrived.

(Credit: Paula D’Amore)

As she said: ‘I wasn’t admitted until after I delivered the placenta.’

Paula’s discharge statement reads “delivery in car prior to arrival in hospital”. However the invoice sent to the couple lists the delivery room fee at $7431.45.

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Asked about the fee the hospital released a statement which said: ‘The services rendered were the result of a complex delivery due to a precipitous labour and delivery. Our Labour and Delivery Unit provided additional resources by sending three nurses and a nurse midwife to the hospital parking lot to assist the delivery of the baby.’

Source: New Idea

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