Bad news for mummy blogger Constance Hall

The pregnant blogger is embroiled in legal dramas.

Constance Hall, the mummy blogger known for her brutally honest and open approach to motherhood and pregnancy, is being sued for breach of contract after parting ways with a married couple employed to design, develop and manager her website –

The couple, Joshua and Annabel Olward, are claiming over $118,000 in damages, Perth Now reports. 

The couple are claiming Hall breached her contract with their company Super Minimal when she stopped working with them after 12 months.

Hall has since responded the the claims saying she parted with the company over ‘creative differences.’ 

Super Minimal wanted me to write sponsored posts on I said no. They tried to convince me to put a ‘buy me a coffee’ button on the website. I said ‘no’. It became clear that we were on different pages.

‘I followed the rules of the contract and saw it out for the 12 months and then we went our separate ways.’

‘Now they’ve come back to sue me… I will not let Super Minimal, or any of the others that are coming out of the woodwork, destroy my name or think that I will crumble and give them money,’ she finished. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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