Mum’s warning after eating rockmelon almost kills unborn bub

It’s important for pregnant mums to avoid pre-cut fruits and veggies.

Steering clear of  certain foods during pregnancy is something all mums are taught. Soft cheese and raw fish are common examples.

Eating these foods during pregnancy can expose unborn babies to infections that mum’s immune system can handle, but the little one is not yet ready for.

That’s why this Sydney mum was being so careful during her third pregnancy, but horrifyingly at 33 weeks, Amelia Liddy-­Sudbury contracted a listeria infection.

She suspects that the cause of her infection was pre-cut and packaged pieces of rockmelon, which when exposed to air can become a site for listeria bacteria. 

When Amelia fell ill not long after, her baby Theodore was diagnosed with listeriosis. Within two weeks she needed an emergency caesarean if she hoped to save his life.


Theodore was delivered 5 weeks premature and spent weeks receiving antibiotics to prevent meningitis.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, Amelia says: ’It is a deadset miracle he is alive.’

An increasing number of cases like Amelia’s are popping up around the country – sadly with more tragic endings.

Amelia is now warning other mums that eating pre-cut foods needs to be ruled out alongside of raw fish and soft cheeses.  

Foods to avoid when pregnant:

  • Processed lunch meats, including cold chicken or turkey
  • Any raw meats, meat spreads, or pate
  • Ready-to-eat refrigerated foods
  • Unpasteurised dairy products
  • Soft cheeses like brie, feta, camembert, ricotta
  • Raw eggs in food – cookie dough, home-made mayonnaise, chocolate mousse
  • Pre-packaged or prepared salads including fruit

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