Mum’s heartbreaking photo after losing unborn bub in car crash

A terrible accident has left this family in mourning.

A mother in the UK has shared a heartbreaking photograph after losing her baby boy in a car crash when she was six months pregnant.

Emma Fairbairn, 21, was involved in a tragic car accident on May 25. Hours after the collision, Emma gave birth to her 1lb 6oz stillborn son. She named the little boy Flynn, The Mirror reports. 

Emma’s friend Jasmine McGinley recounted the horrifying ordeal on a GoFundMe page created to raise funds for a funeral for little Flynn. The page is accompanied by a devastating photograph of mum Emma clutching her stillborn baby’s little hand.

“After having a lovely pregnancy Emma was involved in a horrible car accident,” Jasmine wrote.

“Emma felt her baby kicking away in the ambulance and, after waiting for a bed and having a physical examination, she finally got to hear his heart beat at 3pm.”

She continued: “It was too fast, so she was sent for a scan. The scan showed his heart beat has returned to normal, and he looked completely fine. Everything seemed okay at that point and she was transferred to another hospital for overnight observation.”

However, when the midwife came to see Emma at 10pm to check the baby again, she “couldn’t find a heartbeat”

Jasmine finished the post: “As we can imagine Emma [is heartbroken], although we can’t take away her pain we can help with funeral expenses to help give baby Flynn a perfect funeral”.

According to The Sun, police are currently investigating details of the crash.

This article first published on Marie Claire.

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