Mum’s anger: My best friend STOLE my baby names

Oh, the audacity!
Choosing a name can be tricky
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A woman has shared her outrage online, claiming her best friend copied her own children’s names for her newborn baby. 

The furious mum posted onto the internet forum Reddit, telling users her friend stole not one, but TWO of her kids’ unusual names.

‘She named her daughter Nix Ryan. My son’s first name is Nix and my daughter’s middle name is Ryan,’ the woman wrote.

‘I am not suggesting that she cannot name her child whatever she wishes I just thought it was very odd that she never told me before she named her.’


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After the mum-of-two pointed out the name similarities, her friend apparently swore she ‘didn’t even realise’.

‘Guys, we are BEST friends. She knows my children’s name. She was at most of their births. I am just so perplexed by this,’ she added.

‘She had TONS of items that are embroidered with her name on them. This had to have been thought about well before the birth.’


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‘It’s very strange, especially because Nix is such a unique name. I have a hard time believing she didn’t make the connection beforehand. I can’t imagine naming my child a combination of the names my best friend has chosen for her children. She was AT your kids’ births! It’s very strange!’ one person commented.

When her post triggered dozens of reactions, the woman updated the story after confronting her best friend.

The friend angrily told the woman she actually named her daughter Onyx, and that Nix was simply her nickname, before hanging up.

Friendship over, it seems. 

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