Son’s loving gift almost gets mother arrested at airport

Neither of them had any idea that she'd been carrying this deadly object!

An elderly woman has had to hand over one of her favourite gifts from her son after airport security discovered it was hiding a deadly secret.

The 80-year-old grandmother was attempting to get through security at Myrtle Beach Airport in South Carolina, when she was stopped by officers who questioned the bronze cane she was using to help her walk.

The officers thought there was something fishy about it and upon twisting he handle found a huge sword concealed inside.

Apparently neither the woman nor her son knew about the sword and she had been carting it around with her for years!

“She had no idea it was there,” said Mark Howell, a spokesman for America’s Transport Safety Administration (TSA), reports News Corp.

“It happens a lot, actually,” Mr Howell said about secret swords.

“People pick them up at a thrift store and the sword isn’t found until we X-ray it.”

It’s not just canes that are the culprits either, with Mr Howell saying they often find weapons packed in luggage or concealed in secret compartments the traveller knew nothing about.

The woman was reportedly very unhappy about having to hand over the cane, which was later destroyed by the TSA.

 This article was first published by Travel at 60.

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