Fed up mum advertises her son on Facebook

Teenager was listed as 'free'
A hard-working mum, fed up of her son sitting at home, has advertised his services on Facebook.
Donna Cooper was upset when her son Nick, 16, was forced to attend school part-time due to behavioural issues.
So, she posted an advert in a Facebook group for her hometown, Hornsea, UK, offering his services for free.
Image: Facebook
Image: Donna Cooper/Facebook

‘He is polite and good hearted, school just doesn’t agree with him,’ Donna explained.

‘I refuse to have my son at home while I am out working, so if anyone has any use for him for a few hours a day – farm work, labouring – he is yours FOR FREE.’ she added.

Donna was thrilled when a cafe got in touch and offered Nick a job as a server.

Now, thanks to her efforts, the teenager has some work experience under his belt and is applying to study an apprenticeship, reports the Hull Daily Mail.

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