Mum accused of killing her baby because he was ‘too noisy’


A mother in Hong Kong has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter after being accused of shaking her three-month-old so hard he died from head injuries.

Leung Si-fong called emergency services when her baby boy, Matthew, stopped breathing in 2015. She told them she didn’t know what had happened.

However, after further questioning and examination from doctors it was found that Matthew had died from injuries consistent with being shaken – including internal bleeding on his brain.

Leung admitted to have ‘lost control’, reports China Topix, saying ‘she grabbed, shook, and tossed him onto the bed before slapping and pinching her baby’s cheeks because he wouldn’t stop crying.’

She also said in a statement taken after the baby’s death that she ‘didn’t like’ him.

The court case is ongoing.

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