Mother of the bride deemed inappropriate for her outfit choice ahead of daughter’s wedding day

The dress has left people divided!

A bride-to-be has reached out to the internet for help after her mother’s outfit choice has left her questioning whether it’s appropriate for her big day.

Posting the image to Reddit, the woman has asked users whether the frock is ‘too bridal’?

(Credit: Reddit)

Chiming in on the dilemma, the black and white floral two-piece has people divided.

‘It’s a mixture of the volume of white and the taffeta layer which takes it into the bridal territory,’ one user wrote.

Another suggested that they not only considered it too bridal, but also described the outfit as ugly.

‘If you have to ask if it’s inappropriate, then it’s inappropriate,’ one quipped.

However, some people seemed to defend the bride’s mum, commenting ‘This isn’t bridal in my opinion and I wouldn’t care at all if my mum wanted to wear this to my wedding’.

So, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think this dress is appropriate?

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