WATCH: Shock video of four-year-old travelling on roof rack of car

It's the vision that has to be seen to be believed.

This is the shocking footage that has stunned Australia this morning: a four-year-old child, wearing only a nappy, riding unrestrained on the roof rack of a car as it drives on a West Australian freeway.


The scene, which was filmed on the Tonkin Highway between Camillo and Harrisdale on Friday, naturally alarmed fellow motorists, including witness Kyle Jansen, who was in the car behind, and can be heard on video expressing his shock in colourful language.

‘He was just sort of gripping on and you can see him move to the one side and come back,’ Kyle told 7News.

‘He was just giggling, he was having a ball, I couldn’t believe it.’

Other road users were reportedly able to get the diver’s attention, convincing her to pull over, where the child was retrieved and placed inside the car, with two other young children. Published witness reports vary as to whether she had been aware the child was on the roof.

Police responded to calls and spoke to the driver, 36, at a nearby service station. No charges have so far been laid.

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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