Mobile phones to be BANNED from schools starting next year

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Primary school students will be banned from bringing their mobile phones to school as of next year.

The NSW State Government announced the controversial new rule in a move to reduce bullying, sexual images and stress among school-aged children.

‘Mobile phones, unfortunately, are not only distracting but also causing stress for young children — and we can’t have that continue,’ NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian told Channel 7 Sunrise.

‘We’re sending a very strong message to everybody that children need to be protected.’

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High schools will also be given an option to enforce the rule, too.

The NSW Department of Education will provide guidelines as to how the ban will work – but it is believed students will be prohibiting from using phones during school hours.

Psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg supports the ban, and says if parents demand their children be contactable at school with mobile phones, the phones should not have cameras or Internet access.

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‘I’m really worried about the stress a lot of these kids are already under,’ he told The Daily Telegraph.

Dr Carr-Gregg also called for students in years 7-10 to be banned from using phones, with limited access allowed to year 11 and 12 pupils.

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