MKR Jess and Emma: Our plastic surgery hell!

Inside the shock cosmetic drama you won't see on TV!
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As stars of the hot new series of MKR, Sydney sisters Jess and Emma have already had to face a fierce and vicious public backlash over their ‘plastic surgery disaster’ appearances.

The vivacious sisters have suffered under the strain of a string of cruel comments, such as: ‘Oh look, they’re puffer fish,’ and ‘Don’t let them near the stove, they’ll melt.’ But while the stinging comments have taken a heavy toll on 31-year-old Jess, she’s quick to fight back.

‘There have been a lot of personal attacks about us,’ she says. ‘I’ve had work done and I’m the first person to admit that – I’m all for cosmetic enhancement and if it makes you feel good, then do it.

mkr sisters
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‘But I’m not Botoxed to the hilt or anything like that, I’ve only had my lips done. And I’m only 31! But people are like: “Oh she needs a structural engineer for her face,” and “Those old chicks are mutton dressed as lamb.” And I’m like: “I’m really not that old!”’

Adds Emma: ‘There are going to be a s***load of people who say: “OMG, they’re not natural,” but you know what, it’s just a bit of Botox to stop your frown line.

‘People have made it sound like we’ve had a full-on facelift or something – but to me, Botox is just so common.’

But while Emma’s very comfortable with her appearance, she does admit to looking more swollen and ‘like a blowfish’ due to a medical drama shortly before filming.

‘In the beginning my lips look frigging ginormous because I had contact dermatitis and my lips were literally hanging over half my face, and I cannot even tell you the pain I was in,’ the 38-year-old tells New Idea.

‘So every angle I’d see of myself, I’d think: “Oh God, I look like a blowfish!”

Jess and Emma before receiving fillers
Jess anEmma before receiving fillers (Credit: New Idea)

‘It was honestly like having a blowtorch to my mouth, it was just so freaking painful. And that’s what I was stressing about – how was my face going to look on camera because it was bright red and swollen. And not just my mouth, all around my face! I kept thinking: “This is happening now? The moment I go on TV, this is happening?!” It was crazy!

‘After I started seeing a dermatologist I went on the right medication and it made an amazing difference. But they still don’t know what caused it!’

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