My Bestie Gave Me A Baby

Mum Melissa found a forever friend in her egg donor Samara
  • Melissa Coleman, 42, from Swansea, NSW came across Egg Donation Australia
  • In the Facebook group, she met her egg donor Samara, and they became fast friends
  • Soon after, Melissa fell pregnant 

Here Melissa tells her story in her own words.

Time for your medicine, Mum!’ my boy Kishan, then 10, sweetly reminded me.

It was 2012, and after splitting with Kishan’s dad seven years earlier, my partner Andrew, then 34, and I wanted to expand our family.

Having suffered an ectopic pregnancy in 2011, which resulted in the removal of my left fallopian tube, doctors suggested I try IVF.

Sadly, the first round didn’t take and a natural pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage at five weeks.

Please let this one work, I thought, as I began injections ahead of my second embryo transfer.

While Kishan hoped for a baby brother, we were happy as long as they were healthy. Devastatingly, it didn’t take.

Doctors said I had a low egg count, and that the quality wasn’t great.

I assumed that would be it for me, and I’d never have the joy of carrying another baby.

A couple years later, my friend Vanessa suggested, ‘Have you ever considered an egg donor?’

I hadn’t, but was intrigued about how it worked. Andrew was super supportive of the idea.

Coming across a group on Facebook called Egg Donation Australia, I contacted the creator Mel, to learn more about the process. She assured me I’d have support every step of the way.

It felt like the next natural step in our journey to conceive, so I introduced myself on the group in a Facebook post.

Within a week, donor Samara, then 29, from Morayfield, Qld, sent me a message.

Hi, I’m Samara! she wrote. The mum of one had already gifted hundreds of eggs to other families. I’d want someone to help me, too, she said.

Our connection was immediate and we spent the next week getting to know each other over the phone.

With her bubbly and quirky personality, not only had I found my perfect match, but I knew I’d made a friend for life.

Flying up to Queensland with Andrew to meet Samara and her family, we had a lovely time staying at her place.

After undergoing counselling, I was overjoyed when Samara offered to be our donor.

And I wanted her to be a part of our life – and our baby’s when the time came.

Incredibly, after 42 of her eggs were collected and fertilised with Andrew’s sperm, we got eight healthy embryos.

Sadly the first transfer didn’t take, but we were over the moon when I fell pregnant roughly six months after first finding Samara.

It’s positive! I texted Samara, hoping the pregnancy would stick.

As my belly grew, I updated her every day.

‘It’s a boy!’ I squealed over the phone, after my 20-week scan.

Samara, me and Sebastian
Samara, me and Sebastian (Credit: Supplied.)

‘He had Samara’s bold character and lovely face shape.’

When I was hospitalised with pre-eclampsia at eight months, she flew down to come to my baby shower at a local pub.

Thankfully, I was allowed out for the day to attend the beautiful event.

The next month, I gave birth to my boy, Sebastian.

‘I can’t thank you enough,’ I cried to Samara afterwards on the phone as I cradled him in my arms.

Kishan doted on his baby brother. And three months later, Samara met Sebastian at a barbecue at her place in Qld.

Watching Samara hold my boy was so special.

My kids both love her!

As years passed and Sebastian’s personality developed, I couldn’t help but notice he had Samara’s bold character, beautiful singing voice and her lovely face shape.

Sebastian and me
Sebastian and me (Credit: Supplied.)

”The doctors made the egg into magic,’ I told him.’

And when he turned two, I explained to him how he came into the world.

‘Aunty Mara helped put the special egg in Mummy’s tummy, and doctors made the egg into magic,’ I told him.

Samara also had a Facebook group where all her successful recipients could connect.

When Sebastian was two, five of the families got together – the kids aged between two and 10.

They’re all mini Samaras, I smiled.

Seeing all the joy Samara had helped to create, I felt she was a true hero.

After Andrew and I separated when Sebastian was three, Samara, who I consider one of my best friends, was so supportive.

Kishan, Sebastian,  Eleonora and me
Kishan, Sebastian, Eleonora and me (Credit: Supplied.)

And when I fell pregnant naturally with my then partner and gave birth to a miracle girl, Eleonora, in May 2021, my bestie Samara was over the moon.

Sebastian, now seven, and Kishan, 21, both adore their little sister, two.

My wonderful family finally feels complete. Through Samara I had a beautiful boy, and made an everlasting friendship.

For that, I am forever grateful.

Samara, 38, says:

After being misdiagnosed with premature menopause at 19, I wondered if I’d ever become a mum.

My doctor realised I didn’t produce progesterone naturally and, after hormone injections, I welcomed my son Alex in 2008.

I wanted to help other parents who were struggling. So, I became an egg donor in 2011 – my sister Sarah, now 40, followed six months later!

Over the last 10 years, I’ve donated hundreds of eggs to 12 families, and eight of them have had babies. One family even had two boys from two of my eggs.

Sarah has donated to 10 families, with 12 successes.

I feel so grateful I’ve been able to stay in touch with the families I’ve helped.

When I married my partner Wynn in 2017, Melissa flew up for my special day. With my friend Karen, another recipient of mine, we got matching tattoos the day before.

Me and Melissa on my big day
Me and Melissa on my big day (Credit: Supplied.)

Our tattoos are three interlocking hearts, meaning we’ll always stay connected.

Alex, 14, is now a big brother to Anthony, five, and Eden, three.

It’s been a real blessing to help make people’s dreams come true.

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