Woman pleads guilty to blackmailing grieving parents over photos of dying baby

She admitted to committing the cruel act

A woman has pleaded guilty to blackmailing a couple over photos of their daughter in her final days.

Jay and Dee Windross were devastated when they lost a mobile phone in a shopping centre, which contained precious family photos of their 11-month-old daughter Amiyah.

At the time, Amiyah was in hospital battling an undiagnosed neurological condition.

The Melbourne couple took to social media, appealing for the phone to be returned.

Sadly, just days later, Amiyah lost her battle and passed away.

Before the bub passed away, Siti Nurhidyah Kamal had contacted the couple on WhatsApp, claiming to have found the phone but saying she would only return it if they paid her $1000.

She wrote, ‘Please transfer me money I will return u the phone, or maybe just sell it.’

Siti Nurhidyah Kamal
Siti Nurhidyah Kamal (Credit: Facebook)

The heartless woman sent over her full name and bank details.

Just twenty minutes after Amiyah died, she said to the grieving parents, ‘Please I’m begging you, I don’t want to erase all of your memory, I promise you I am honest person.’

But it later emerged that Kamal was lying to the couple.

She pleaded guilty to the blackmail charges.

Magistrate Johnathan Klestadt ordered Kamal remain in custory until a pre-sentence hearing on October 31.

The phone of Mr and Mrs Windross remains missing.  

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