Cafe sells $150 cup of coffee!

How much?!

Is this Australia’s priciest brew?

The average Aussie coffee costs $4.50, but three Melbourne cafes are selling a cup for more than 30 times that.

Coffee spots Monk Bodhi Dharma, Bayano the Rebel and Admiral Cheng Ho, have hit the headlines over their $150 coffees, but the owners insist the premium drink, served in a glass goblet, is worth every cent.

The special beans are from José Alfredo’s #227 limited batch, which sells for a whopping $7,000 a kilo at auction.

The drink is said to have hints of lychee, passionfruit, florals and cocoa.

Speaking to the Herald Sun Mars Shaw, who owns or co-owns each of the cafes, said a cup is bought once every two weeks, saying it was as much about the experience as the drink itself.

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