She is thought to be the smallest baby ever to survive a premature birth

She weighed less than a stick of butter

The smallest baby to every survive a premature birth weighs less than a grapefruit.

Doctors in Witten, Germany, decided to deliver Emilia Grabarczyk early after detecting a problem with the placenta which meant if she stayed in the womb she would not have survived.

When Emilia was born at 25 weeks her feet were about the size of a thumbnail, and she had to be fed by a tiny tube into her belly. Before she weighed even 500g she underwent surgery on her abdomen.

Emilia became known as 'the little fighter'
Emilia became known as ‘the little fighter’. (Credit: CEN)

Nicknamed ‘the little fighter’ by her doctors, Emilia is now 9 months old and continues to astonish with her progress.

Emilia’s mother couldn’t be prouder of her little girl: ’There were many difficult days and many tears, but she clearly wanted to survive.’ 

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