Mum who sent sham death threats to her own kids to score paid days off work busted by ‘invisible ink’

Mum and hubby to face sentencing today.

A married couple plagued by sinister death threats and given time off, paid holidays, and relocated to a serviced apartment will be sentenced today after police discovered it was all a sham.

Married couple, Tabitha Lean, 40, and husband Simon Craig Paisley, 39, will be sentenced today after being convicted of 47 charges of deception.

Over two years it was discovered that Tabitha had faked a series of death threats directed at her family and sent them to friends, family, and even her children’s school.

Some of the threats are said to have come packaged with blood-stained children’s clothes. Other threats were painted on the walls and windows of their Adelaide home.

South Australian Health along with police then made moves to protect the family from the assumed threats including allowing them time off with pay, moving them from their house to a serviced apartment, paying their medical bills, and covering the costs of interstate travel, reports ABC News.

They had also been awarded a compensation claim from the South Australian government worth $580,000 which was awaiting payment.

The couple were foiled when police broke into their home and marked paper and envelopes with invisible ink. When the police next received a ‘threat’ the family says they received, it was identified under UV light to be a marked paper from inside the house.

Tabitha’s husband offered to take the blame for the crime if it meant his wife would not go to prison. But prosecutor Chris Edge says it is unlikely either of the pair will be able to avoid jail time.

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