Man forces his girlfriend to lose WEIGHT before he proposes

He wrote up a 'marriage contract' asking her to lose 45kg

A man has drawn up a humiliating contract asking his girlfriend to lose weight before he proposes.

The cruel ‘contract for marriage’ was sent to a woman by her boyfriend of six months, requiring her to drop 45kg.

Unless the woman – who has not been named – loses the staggering amount of weight, her boyfriend stated he refuses to buy a ring.

‘This agreement is to hereby pledge my intent to make [REDACTED] my fiancé. Although my love for her is not at question, this agreement is dependent upon the loss of no less than 100 pounds,’ it reads.

(Credit: Facebook)

‘Any lack of weight loss does not in any way diminish my love for her but it should be clear that under no circumstance will a ring be purchased until the goal is met.’

A co-worker of the anonymous woman shared a screenshot of the message to thousands of people in a Facebook group.

She clarified the woman did not ‘ask for’ or ‘prompt it’.

The post was met with hundreds of angry responses, with many calling for the woman to dump her fat-shaming boyfriend.

‘I’d be losing 200 lbs that day. Him,’ one woman wrote.

‘I would eat that contract. In front of him,’ another said.

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