Family left shocked after man ‘wakes up’ during his own funeral

They were preparing to bury him

A man woke up at his own funeral, after being mistakenly pronounced dead.

Mohammad Furqan from Lucknow – a city in northern India’s state of Uttar Pradesh – was knocked out and taken to hospital on June 21 for treatment.

But last week, the 20-year-old was declared dead and family organized a ceremony in preparation for his burial.

However, according to the Hindustan Times, family member saw Mr Furqan’s limbs moving during the procession.

He was rushed to hospital, where they declared he was alive and placed on ventilation support.

Talking about the traumatic moment, his brother Mohammad Irfan said, ‘Devastated, we were preparing for the burial when some of us saw movement in his limbs.

‘We immediately took Furqan to the Ram Manohar Lohia hospital where the doctors said he was alive and have put him on ventilator support.’

Mr Irfan claimed the family has paid $14, 314 (AU) for his brother’s treatment in a hospital.

But that when they told staff they’d run out of money, they were told Mr Furqan had died.

Narendra Agarwal, the city’s chief medical officer, said there would be a thorough investigation.

‘The patient is in critical condition but definitely not brain dead. He has pulse, blood pressure and his reflexes are working,’ Mr Agarwal said.

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