Heart-stopping moment man drops engagement ring down the DRAIN after proposing

Can you believe it!?

A romantic proposal in New York City went horribly wrong when a man dropped his engagement ring down the drain.

British couple John Drennan and Daniella Anthony were visiting Central Park when John got down on one knee, presenting a beautiful sparkler. 

But he was so excited later on that the ring slipped out of his hand and between the grates of a dirty drain.

The heart-stopping moment was even captured on CCTV, leading NYC police to track down the couple and return the engagement ring. 

The police department took to Twitter to try and find John and Daniella, who eventually identified themselves as the unlucky couple.

They had already travelled back to the UK but were thrilled to know the ring had been fished out of the drain. 

‘Spent ages trying to find and police stopped me from physically climbing down the drain! So so happy to have ring back!’ John said.

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