Man catches girlfriend stealing his SPERM after sex

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A horrified boyfriend has asked for advice after he caught his girlfriend stealing his sperm from a used condom after sex.

Taking to the online forum Reddit, an anonymous man confessed he walked in on his partner ‘pouring the contents’ of a condom inside her after sex.

Asking for legal advice, the man – aged in his late 20s – told users his girlfriend was hurriedly trying to finish the deed while he was in the bathroom.

‘She screamed at me in the bathroom “peeing or pooping?” which I thought was weird. Jokingly I said pooping when I was just peeing,’ he said.

‘I came back from the bathroom and found her pouring the contents of my used condo [sic] inside her vagina.’

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He then asked Reddit what his legal avenues were if the woman got pregnant and if she legally owned his sperm.

‘She started screaming bloody murder and screaming “rape”. I had to leave her alone before someone in my apartment hears and calls the police,’ he added. 

The post unsurprisingly attracted thousands of comments, most of which advised the man to break up with this ‘crazy’ girlfriend. 

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‘If she gets pregnant, she carries the child to term, and a paternity test proves the baby’s yours, get a lawyer. The lawyer may be able to help you sue for full custody if you want that, or for termination for paternal rights,’ one person said.

‘Cut the crazy out of your life immediately. Do not contact her in any way. If she claims to be pregnant demand a paternity test,’ another wrote.

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