Man develops debilitating growths after being nicked by the barber

It started with just a couple of tiny cuts.
Go Fund Me / Keith Crowell

Keith Crowell had no idea when he headed to his barber 12 years ago that his life would never be the same again.

‘I had a bad reaction when I went to a barber and he gave me shave and nicked me on both sides,’ Keith told Fox6 Now.

Bizarrely, the little cuts never healed properly. Instead, over the last decade Keith has developed a skin disorder known as a keloid scar – an overgrowth of collagen scar tissue that has overwhelmed his neck and jaw.

The growths have caused Keith to have trouble sleeping, swallowing, and hearing properly. Despite operations to remove the scars, Keith has had no relief – the scars simply grew back.

Keith Crowell is desperate to find a solution.
Keith Crowell is desperate to reclaim his life. (Credit: CNN / Keith Crowell)

Thankfully there is a doctor in New York that Keith says has a 96% success rate of curing cases like his. Unfortunately though, he has been forced to raise funds himself, since his insurance refuses to cover specialist treatment.

‘They rejected my claim saying it was cosmetic surgery. I feel it`s not cosmetic. This is my livelihood. This is my life right here,’ he said.

Keith is raising money on his GoFundMe page to cover the costs.

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