Man finally bursts astonishing face pimple

Warning: hope you didn't just eat!

We have a new addition to the seemingly never-ending procession of pimple-popping videos gone viral.

In this one, a normal-looking guy shows off a grotesquely large zit on the side of his face and then proceeds to squeeze it. (If you’re eating while reading this, now is definitely the time to stop.)

“It hurts like f—king hell,” he says, before starting to squeeze. And then, nasty pus pours out of the pimple and down his face. His “ugh!” reaction is spot-on. He keeps on squeezing as more pus flows out and drips on the ground. “Ugh, disgusting,” he says.

At one point, he stops to smell the stuff, although he doesn’t say what compelled him to do that. “It doesn’t smell very good,” he declares.

From the looks of it, that zit/cyst/whatever could probably use a doctor’s attention. What he doesn’t address is how that pimple got so big and why he let it go for so long.

Let this be a lesson to everyone: if you have a monstrous zit, get it checked out, ideally by a dermatologist. If you do take matters into your own hands, make sure your fingers are clean first. Then, use a cold compress on the area afterward to reduce swelling and redness, and follow that with some benzoyl peroxide to help reduce the amount of bacteria in the area.

If you find that you’re regularly getting zits in the same spot, check in with your dermatologist – they may be able to suss out why you’re getting them so much, and how to prevent them in the future.

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health.

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