Man admits to killing his girlfriend and burying her in his parent’s backyard

Neil Anthony Archer has pleaded guilty to the shocking crime...

The family of a murdered South Australian woman have called her killer ‘a monster’.

Neil Anthony Archer, 31, has admitted to murdering his partner, Jody Meyers, 20, who was also the mother of his child, and burying her in his parent’s Mannum backyard.

He initially claimed she had run away. But the young mother’s body was discovered one month after she went missing.

Speaking outside court, Jody’s brother, Michael Bates, said he should be given the death penalty for his crime.

‘Capital punishment – if you’re willing to kill someone you say you’re gonna protect, you deserve exactly what you give out,’ Mr Bates said.

‘You don’t expect your friends to murder your family.’

Neil Anthony Archer (Credit: 7 News)

Jodie’s sister, Tania Parsons, also gave a victim impact statement in court.

‘You buried her like she was disposable. Just a piece of rubbish,’ she said.

‘My kids had to learn that not only are monsters real but we had one attack our family. I trusted and had faith in you. I have never been so wrong in my life.’

Archer is scheduled to appear in court again on May 25.

Meanwhile, Archer’s mother Margaret Archer is accused of assisting her son after the crime.

According to 7 News, it’s alleged she sent text messages to family members posing as Ms Meyers and bought the bags of concrete.

She has pleaded not guilty to assisting an offender and will stand trial at a later date.

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