Lynne McGranger announces departure from Home And Away

We're sad to say goodbye!
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After almost two decades, Summer Bay favourite Lynne McGranger has announced her departure from Home And Away.

The television star, who has been on the show for almost twenty years, revealed to an Australian publication she would be leaving Summer Bay to take on anoter role. 

McGranger said ‘getting bored easily’ was the reason behind her departure. 

‘I’m one of those people who needs a bit of a change-up and something different.’

However, the star claims she won’t be gone for too long, assuring fans she’d return once her next project finished up!

‘I’m of to York to play the wicked fairy in Beauty and the Beast. I’m really looking forward to it,’ she said. 

The actress will be performing in 12 shows a week and only has nine days to prepare for the show, she added that the role was ‘physically demanding’.

She’s previously told York Press she sees it as a holiday: ‘The UK panto experience is always exciting – even though I am working hard and doing two shows a day, it’s also like a holiday.’

‘I love being somewhere new, meeting people and making new friends,’ she continued. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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