Amazing! Lost purse from 1954 is found 65 years later

It was so well preserved!
Greater Clark County Schools

A teenager who lost her purse in 1954 has been reunited with her belongings 65 years later.

The long lost items were found at Jeffersonville High School in Indiana, US, as the school system prepared to demolish part of the building.

Inside the little black bag were treasured items such as a prom invitation, a lipstick and handwritten notes.

The well-preserved purse belonged to Martha Ina Ingham, who attended the school in 1954 and is now in her 80s.

Also inside the purse were Martha’s ID and Social Security card, photos, clippings of 1954 newspaper articles, lolly wrappers, a basketball schedule and a pin.

Greater Clark County Schools
(Credit: Greater Clark County Schools)

The fascinating time capsule provided an intimate look into Martha’s teenage years as a senior at high school over six decades ago.

It was found when demolition crew started pulling out the old cabinets from one of the science classrooms on the upper floor, which shared a wall with a set of lockers.

‘Then we noticed there was this little black bag laying on the ground just covered in dust,’ worker Kevin Moran told News and Tribune.

Greater Clark County Schools
(Credit: Greater Clark County Schools)

When the purse was discovered, the Greater Clark County Schools posted a call-out on Facebook.

‘Lost and Found Alert: Martha Ina Ingham’s handbag from 1954 has been found in the Franklin Square demolition. We would love to return it to her or her family!’ the post read.

The bag was spotted by someone who knew Ms Ingham’s son and it is in the process of being returned.

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