Little boy nearly drowns in crowded pool after going unnoticed for MINUTES

The disturbing video has caused outrage

A disturbing video has emerged of a little boy nearly drowning in a public pool as dozens of people swim nearby.

The five-year-old desperately tries to keep his head above water for minutes in the pool in Helsink, Finland.

Incredibly, the boy isn’t noticed as he struggles near several families. It was only when he reached out for a woman that she realised he wasn’t moving and rushed him out of the water. 

He was taken to hospital and thankfully made a full recovery. But it is believed he was submerged for as many as four minutes.

Meanwhile, the boy’s mother was handed a four-month suspended sentence and ordered to pay $2200 in compensation.

According to 9 News, she reportedly told the five-year-old to stay in the shallow end of the pool unsupervised while she went to the sauna.

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