Litter of kittens with twisted legs given second chance at life

The photos are so adorable!
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A litter of kittens with leg abnormalities have been given life-saving operations thanks to a Brisbane woman.

The four kitties and their mum were rescued on November 6 from a Queensland farm by Katrina Balson who runs Brisbane’s Cat Cuddle Cafe.

‘The farmer, who owned the mother and her litter, was going to drown the kittens,’ Katrina told the Brisbane Times.

‘(When they came to us) We could see straight way their legs weren’t right, they were lethargic because mother had so little milk.’

The kittens had Radial Hypoplasia, a condition where kittens are born with abnormally short or twisted forelegs.

Katrina took the kitties – who she’s dubbed the ‘twister sisters’ – to a vet who warned that their treatment would be extremely expensive.

‘Because they were rescues, the money we were spending on them we could have spent on a lot of other cats, the vet was being practical, he just didn’t know how it would go,’ she said.

‘Other vets said they would have been better off being put down at birth, but these kittens are not suffering.’

In a bid to fix straighten them out, two of the cats had their front two legs put in plaster cast.

Vets costs for the family of kitties is expected to be in excess of $20,000.

In a bid to pay for their treatment, Katrina started a fundraising page on GoFundMe and has already raised over $10,000.

The treatment is already having a positive effect on the cats’ lives.

‘Before they had their casts on they were crazy, now with their cast they run around like baby mountain goats,’ Katrina told the Brisbane Times.

Once the kittens are healthy enough, they will be re-homed and we don’t think there’ll be any shortage of offers!

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