Lights, camera… ring!

When Jonathan reconnected with his high-school crush, he knew he couldn't let her go again.
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Jonathan Hearns, 33, Melbourne, Vic

My heart thumped as I raced to the bedroom. I had exactly two minutes and 25 seconds to get changed into a suit.

My girlfriend Daniella, now 30, and I had planned a night in watching her favourite movie, Titanic. But for the past month, I’d been filming and editing a special movie trailer. It was about a man’s quest to find a ring for the girl of his dreams.

The film featured scenes from Daniella’s favourite movies, plus footage of me in the same suit I was now scrambling to put on.

As we both worked in the film industry, it seemed like the perfect way to propose.

…it seemed like the perfect way to propose.

Daniella and I had gone to high school together and I thought she was gorgeous. But at 17, I was too nervous to talk to her.

Then one Valentine’s Day, she handed me a letter. I’ve seen you in all the school plays, she wrote. You’ve inspired me to become an actress and I’d love to get to know you better.

But I was still too shy!

Two months later, I finally asked Daniella on a date. But by then she’d moved on and turned me down.

So eight years later, I was thrilled to find her on Facebook. Before long, we were talking all the time. ‘I’ve still got your letter,’ I admitted one day.

This time we fell in love and moved in together.

But by then she’d moved on and turned me down.

Now, as I waited for my cue to enter the room, my hands were trembling. After the opening scene of Titanic, it’d cut to my video.

As my trailer ended, the words one question appeared on the screen. Daniella sat stunned on the lounge, as I dropped to my knee before her. ‘Will you marry me?’ I asked. 

‘Yes!’ she cried. I’d never been happier.

Eighteen months later, we wed in South Africa. And when we discovered we were having a baby, we made a film to announce it to friends and family! Our baby is due in January.

I truly believe fate helped us find each other again. We got our happy ending – and I get to be Daniella’s leading man for life!

Originally published in Issue 40 of that’s life! – October 6, 2016

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