Bachelor star Leah: Why I was really dumped from show

The shocking truth is finally revealed.

There is no doubt architecture student Leah Costa made a big impression on this year’s show, ruffling feathers from the first moment she set foot in the house.

And now, Matthew “Matty J” Johnson is tipped to confront the pretty blonde in an explosive scene, booting her from the show due to her troublemaking ways.

However, New Idea can reveal that Matty sending Leah home isn’t quite what it seems.

Matty J rose ceremony
(Credit: Channel 10)

‘Matty asks to see her and tells her she is in the middle of all the drama and he is fed up with it,’ Leah’s close friend spills.

‘Then he asks her to leave and makes it look like it was all his idea.’

But in a surprising 
twist, a friend close to Leah reveals it was actually the Melbourne student who begged to be allowed to leave the show.

(Credit: Channel 10)

‘Leah’s mum was due to go into hospital for a very serious spinal operation and she was desperate to be by her side,’ says the friend.

‘Leah had already explained to producers there was no spark with Matty and that she wanted to walk away, but she was told there was no way she could leave of her own accord.’

According to our spies, the young model couldn’t even make an extra phone call home.

(Credit: Channel 10)

‘Eventually she realised the only way out of the show was to open up about her work as
 a topless waitress and reveal her past to Matty,’ the spy explains.

‘The producers made her go over it again and again. Then she had to tell Matty about it in a special meeting and afterwards they made all the other girls discuss it. It was degrading, really. You could see it had started to make her feel really uncomfortable.’

Leah and Matty J
(Credit: Channel 10)

Just hours after she was confronted by Matty’s sister Kate and then forced to explain her controversial past to
 the Bachelor, Leah was shown the door.

‘It’s ridiculous,’ the source says. ‘They didn’t want it to look like someone could walk out on their perfect bachelor so they turned it around to look like he was doing the right thing.’

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