Weirdly mesmerising tattoo removal videos

You won’t be able to look away.

In the modern age more people are getting tattoos than ever before. And just like a lot of decisions we may make during out lives, some people come to regret getting ‘inked’. 


It certainly can have an impact on your life – like Mark Cropp whose facial tattoo famously stopped him from getting a job. 

Introducing the – probably thriving – industry of laser tattoo removal which uses an intense laser-beam to break down the ink particles in the skin.

The body’s immune system then fights off the broken down ink, and the tattoo continues to fade. It’s the same effect that would slowly happen with sun exposure, or aging, but sped up thanks to science!

It’s also mesmerising to watch, and the internet does not disappoint.

Several channels have popped up showing the process of laser tattoo removal – and they’re quite soothing in their own way. Here’s one that caught our eye – let us know what you think!

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