Kmart race day hack becomes internet sensation

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Brenda Trimboli, a local Adelaide woman, posted a fashion hack on the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page and had no idea the virality that her post would reach over night.

Trimboli explained to she was struggling to find a dress she liked for this year’s Melbourne Cup Day celebrations.

‘I couldn’t find anything I liked and I didn’t want to spend a fortune,’ she told the publication.

She then goes on to explain the amazing hack!

‘I saw this dress at my local Kmart and loved the colour, but it was a bit too short for me. So I took two dresses into the change room and tried one on and then flipped the other one upside down and stepped into it with the frill on the bottom. That’s when the idea popped into my head to make it into a matching skirt.’

pink dress
(Credit: Brenda Trimboli/Facebook)

So she purchased two of the $25 dresses and took them to a friend who does alterations.

‘Basically one dress was cut just below the waist and then hemmed. This dress becomes the top. The second dress was cut underneath the arms and the frill was then reattached to make ruffle at the bottom of the skirt. A waistband was added and a zip, so it all came together very easily,’ she explains. 

Trimboli is a member of the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page, where fans of the department store share their favourite items and tips and tricks.

‘This was my very first post to the Kmart Mums Facebook page so I had no idea what to expect,’ Trimboli says.

Trimboli goes on to explain that her nack for creating new and interesting pieces from Kmart is a ‘creativity born out of necessity’.

‘It’s hard to find dresses in boutiques that fit my shape and my budget, so my creativeness is born out of necessity.’

If you’ve got a race day event coming up and love the look of this, the dress is still available in Kmart stores across Australia!

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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