Amazing Kmart hacks that stunned the Internet

The department store always delivers.
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Kmart has never let us down in the decor department – in fact, it’s where most of us turn to when we need a little home lovin’. 

Here are 14 amazingly clever Kmart hacks that are sure to take your home to the next level.

1. Candle Holder – $7

This candle holder can be turned into a unique vase! Plus, with lots of colours to choose from, you can find one that suits your home decor.

kmart 1

2. Table – $15

Uplift an ordinary Kmart table by using a marble covering to create an instantly expensive looking piece!

kmart 2

3. Wall shelf – $19

For all those wedding planning out there, this hack is for you! Take a wall shelf and turn it into an amazing his and hers wedding wreath. 

kmart 3

4. Oasis bench – $45

For the ultimate in outdoor living, try painting this Kmart bench to suit your home and give it a unique edge.


5. Baby play gym – $17

So, this one is more of a makeover than a hack – but this mum did such a good job transforming this baby play gym that we couldn’t NOT include it.

kmart 5

6. Marble adhesive roll – $3

This hack is incredible! Try using Kmart marble adhesive roll on bench tops, to create a sleek and expensive look.


7. Laundry hamper – $12

Make like this fun mum and decorate an ordinary laundry hamper with fluffy and colourful accessories to make it compliment a room.

kmart 7

8. Towel rack – $19

A Kmart towel rack can also double as a toy organiser. This mum used shower curtain rings from Kmart, as well as the towel rack to create an easy and cute addition to her kids playroom.

kmart 8

9. Create your own fascinator – $10

Are you heading to the races anytime soon? You can make your own fashion-forward fascinator using Christmas decorations from Kmart!

10. DIY bed canopy – $9

If you’re wanting to add a fun touch to your children’s rooms, why not try this DIY canopy that one Kmart mother figured out! All you need is a black tablecloth.

kmart 10

11. DIY ice cream kit – $3.50

If you’re looking for the perfect kids activity, why not use Kmart’s small canisters to create your very own ice cream kit. Fill the canisters with various ice cream toppings and let your kids go nuts!

kmart 11

12. Bamboo step stool – $19

This is genius! A mother has used her Kmart step stools as little tables for her babies.

kmart 12

13. Two drawer side unity – $35

Create your own individual bedside table by adding a unique flare to the draw fronts. 

kmart 13

14. Round pedal bin – $25

Another one for the marble lovers! Use Kmart’s marble adhesive to give your bin a new spin.

kmart bin

Now you can go and try these for yourself!

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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