Circled by a shark! Kite surfer shares story of her TERRIFYING encounter

A quick surf in paradise became something else!
Isabelle Fabre

Adventurer Isabelle Fabre, 30, has travelled the world kite surfing. But of all her trips out this one take the cake!

A friend was filming Isabelle from a drone as she took to the water of Western Australia’s Great Southern. Skimming along the surface of the bright blue water Isabelle quicky spots a dark shadow.

At first, she says, she thought nothing of it because sometimes it’s just the shadow of the kite.

‘Then I thought it was a dolphin trick, you know when they spring out just in front of you. But no, it was circling me,” she says in the voiceover of the video posted to Facebook.

‘When it passed beneath me, I realised it was a huge Great White shark.’

(Credit: Isabelle Fabre)

Her friend could see everything via the  camera and was shouting at her to return to shore.

She says when she got back she was shaking – but at least now she can say she’s been surfing with sharks!

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