Kangaroo testicles nearly hit woman on head!

What a balls-up
Facebook / Amy Ravenhall

One woman got a surprise from some ballsy birds this week. 

Amy Ravenhall was on her driveway in Alice Springs when an unsuspecting gift was dropped at her feet.

Speaking to NT News, she explained: ‘I went to take the bins out and as I was coming back something fell through the trees along my driveway,’

‘It was right next to me, it nearly landed on my head.’

‘I looked down and couldn’t believe what I saw: it was a massive pair of kangaroo balls.’

To check she wasn’t going nuts, she went took the scotum to her hubby for a second opinion.

‘I showed it to my husband. He kicked them a bit and agreed that it was kangaroo balls,’

Amy believes it was a group of kites circling in the sky that are to blame for the ‘roo’kie error. 

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