Jailed teacher says teenage boys blackmailed her into having sex with them

A female teacher has been sent to prison after a group of teenage students stepped forward.

A teacher will spend two years in prison after pleading guilty to engaging in sexual acts with a number of boys aged between 13 and 18.

Teacher Jaclyn McLaren, 36, said in her defense that she was only compelled to do so after the students found nude photos of her while using McLaren’s phone in a class exercise.

CBC reports that the students then blackmailed their teacher, demanding McLaren send them photos or they would reveal what they had found.

McLaren admitted to sending photos to two of the boys over Snapchat. She also admitted to meeting the two boys – on of whom was 14 – on a hiking trail where they drank beer before she performed oral sex on them both.

Another boy said McLaren had been sending him photos of a number of years, and when he was 18 she had sex with him at her home.

The other boys whose ages ranged from 15-17 say they also received erotic photos from McLaren. The teacher admitted to court that she did not try hard to find out the ages of the boys before engaging them. 

She has been sentenced to two years in prison charged with two counts of sexual exploitation, two counts of luring, one of possession of child pornography, one of making explicit material available to people under 18 and one of making it available to people under 16.

Upon release she will be registered as a sex offender, banned from using social media, and banned from interacting with anyone online under the age of 19. She will also be banned from going near public placed where there are likely to be children.

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