Is this Australia’s SMARTEST toddler?

He's one clever kid!
7 News

These Brisbane parents might just have a baby genius on their hands!

Little Karthik Chavali from Nundah, Qld is only 22 months old, but his geographical knowledge rivals many adults. 

The clever kid can already rattle off every planet in the Solar System, name 38 countries and point them out on a map. 

According to 7 News, Karthik’s parents began reading to him eight months ago.

Amazingly, he was able to remember the tales he was told and recite them back to his mum and dad. 

‘We haven’t given Karthik an iPad or anything,’ Mrs Chavali said.

‘Making them far more atuned to the make-believe world of iPads and tablets and computers, kind of makes them move away from reality,’ her husband added.

Still, the proud parents believe every child has a special talent – it’s just a matter of finding and nurturing it. 

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