Incredible images show rare one in 100,000 birth

Baby Noah is still in hospital but is expected to go home this week
JanaBrasil Instagram

Incredible images of a baby being born inside its amniotic sac, in a rare one in 100,000 occurrence, have emerged. Shared by talented photographer Jana Brasil on her Instagram page, the photos share baby Noah being born by cesarean section.

Baby Noah was born at the Praia da Costa Hospital in the city of Vila Velha, Brazil, and the photographer just happened to be there to capture the incredible moment.

The newborn is still engulfed in the amniotic membrane which is normally burst by the surgeon’s scalpel during a caesarean or during labour when the ‘water breaks’ in a natural birth. 

Baby Noah, however, is seen pulling faces and even sticking his tongue out inside the fluid surrounding his tiny face and body.

Known as an en caul birth, it happens when the amniotic sac doesn’t burst and a the baby is born surrounded by the amniotic fluid and membrane, called a caul.

The caul is harmless and can be removed by healthcare professionals by peeling it back from the skin, but incisions must be made at the nostrils to allow the baby to breathe.

Baby Noah is said to have been born healthy but is still in hospital but is due to go home by the end of the week. 

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