Woman claims she inspired her parents to be polyamorous

The throuple want to start a family

A polyamorous triad who have been together for over six years have say they’re planning to get married and have children. 

Summer, 25, Chacha, 31, and Jimmy, 35, from California, do absolutely everything together as a three, including sleeping in the same custom-made bed. 

“We’re always about achieving unanimous decisions and going with that, I think that will always be the case.” Summer said.

Jimmy and Chacha first met each other in high school, but only started dating after their graduation. Chacha knew from a young age that she was interested in women, as well as men, so she made that clear to Jimmy early on in their relationship. 

Jimmy said “In the beginning, we were open to the idea of just having fun with other people, that’s how it started. Then when we met Summer and it completely changed.

The three of them instantly clicked and it was only a month after they were dating that Summer moved in with Jimmy and Chacha. 

“Summer came into our lives and made an impact. She was sincere, she was real and respectful,” Chacha added.

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Jimmy and his girlfriends – Chacha and Summer (Credit: Getty Images)

Having now been together as a three for almost seven years, Jimmy decided to propose to both of the girls on the 20th of April 2019 – they will get married on the same day in 2020. 

“Our plan is to get married on December 15, that will be here in the United States for friends and family,” Jimmy said.  “And then we will have our official documented wedding in Europe, which will likely be in Amsterdam, on the 20th April next year”.

Their wedding day will be the first time that all three of their families meet. Summer said: “All of our families are also at different levels of understanding, so it’ll be cool to see everybody come together”. 

Accordingly to Jimmy, his family is said to be the least approving of the three, with his mother believing that he was somewhat forced into the relationship by Chacha and Summer. “She thinks these two girls are controlling me and I’m this innocent guy that’s forced into this sex triangle,” Jimmy said.

However, Summer’s parents are fully supportive of the triad and are even interested in trying polyamory themselves.

Summer’s father, John, who is the keenest of her parents, told Barcroft TV: “I am definitely curious about it, it was new to me, I was intrigued by it, I still am”. John’s wife Kellina is also curious, but not quite as convinced.  She said: “It’s not something I would be opposed to but it’s not something I would go and look for.”

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The three of them plan to get married and start a family together (Credit: Getty Images)

According to them both, the most attractive part of being in a three-person relationship is the practical side of things. 

John further explained: “Another income in the house would financially be a better situation, the chores around the house, the everyday living, I think would just be a little bit easier on us”. 

And Jimmy, Chacha and Summer have certainly learnt to compromise with each other. The triad explained: “If one of us kills the mood we all get out of the mood, and that can be the other way too.  “It takes the one person to be like ‘come on guys’, to convince the other two.”

For the throuple, the same goes in the bedroom – if all three aren’t present, they will not engage in sex. 

Chacha said: “If one of us is not present we wouldn’t engage in anything sexual, when we’re not all together we use that time to be productive”. 

With a strong social media presence, Summer, Chacha and Jimmy deal with online prejudice on a daily basis. 

Summer continued: “Folks will say that we are afraid of commitment and that’s why we’re doing this. “We’re happy for each other and we are happy together and not a lot of people understand that”. 

The triad is now determined to spend the rest of their lives together and start a family – only with three parents instead of the usual two.

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