‘I had breast implants in my bum’

Surgery addict left horrified after botched op in Turkey

A plastic surgery addict has been left horrified after claiming his surgeon inserted breast implants into his bum to cut costs. After forking out £8,500 last November, Jordan Parke, 27, says he was plagued by agonising pains in his buttocks ever since.

Despite overcoming necrosis – a flesh eating bug – and corrective surgery earlier this year, Jordan claims his bum implants continued to rupture and leak.

With no other options available, Jordan flew back to Istanbul, Turkey, this week to a different clinic in a bid to correct his ‘botched surgery.’ But he was left horrified when his surgeon explained that his bum implants were in fact breast implants which could have ruptured at any point.

 As unlike bum implants which can withstand 300lbs of weight before rupturing, breast implants are softer and cannot withstand such weight.

Jordan, from Dudley, West Mids, is now slamming the clinic that conducted his first surgery and says he could’ve died from sepsis if the breast implants were left any longer due to them rupturing. He added: “I now spent £18,500 on bum implants as the first two surgeries cost £13,500 alone.

“This corrective surgery has cost me a further £5,000 and I can’t believe they discovered I had breast implants in my bum. “I had no idea but as they’d already started to rupture and leak silicone, I couldn’t died from sepsis if they’d been left any longer.

“No one in the UK was able to help as I’d had my surgery abroad and it needed to be corrected as soon as possible. “I’ve now had the implants removed and they’ve been replaced with actual bum implants this time. “I have 560cc implants now that are genuine butt implants.”

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Jordan claims he has battled with his bum implant surgery since undergoing the operation last year. He added: “The first time I had the surgery a huge hole appeared on my right bum cheek that was full of puss and flesh.

“The pain was unbearable and despite being told everything was normal at first, I was later diagnosed with necrosis, a flesh eating bug, and was given antibiotics.

“I’d chosen to have liposuction on my stomach so I could have the fat transferred into my bum along with the implants. “But I could have died as the infection I caught after surgery is life threatening.

“It didn’t put me off having more surgery, I just ensured I booked with another clinic for my second bum lift this time.

“I’m a huge fan of Kim Kardashian and her bum and I’ll stop at nothing to ensure mine is as big as hers.”

Jordan has spent £130,000 on over 80 cosmetic procedures over the past eight years – this includes three nose jobs, a chin implants, eyebrow tattoos as well as Botox. 

He said: “I’m obsessed Kim K and the feminine look. I had my first surgery at just 17 when I had my nose done. “Nearly almost every park of my face has been tweaked but I like to look different.

“I identify as a gay man but I’ll shop in both the male and female sections. “I’d always hated my bum but I knew no clinics in the UK would give me the 500c implants I wanted and that’s why I went to Turkey. “But it has been a total disaster from start to finish.

“I’m just hoping this is the last of my bad luck and others use my story as a warning.

“You have the right to know what is being put in your body, each implant should come with details on the size and contents.

“I run my own business called The Lip King Aesthetics so it’s important that I take care of my appearance but now I want to warn others of the dangers. “I could’ve died because I had breast implants in my bum but thankfully I sought help before it got to that point.

“I have had lots of bad luck ever since I messed with my butt, however this has not put me off and I am planning on doing another BBL in December this year.”

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